-Le Havre-

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Museum of Modern Art

The Musée d’art moderne André Malraux is a museum in Le Havre, France containing one of the nation’s most extensive collections of impressionist paintings

Museum of Natural History

Museum of Natural History– the Museum provides recreational and interactive temporary exhibitions to help you discover and comprehend the treasures of nature, embracing fauna, flaura and minerals.

Notre-Dame Cathedral

Notre-Dame Cathedral– is one of the last remains of what Le Havre looked like in the 16t century. The western side, the altarpieces of the 17th century and the organ were given by Richelieu as a gift (and restored in the 19th and 20th centuries) and are worth looking at. Shortly after the city of Le Havre was founded, in 1522, a thatch and wood chapel (surrounded by a graveyard) was built along the main street of the city, rue Saint-Michel which later became rue de Paris .

The Etelan Castle

The Etelan Castle– The Castle, listed in The French National Heritage, was built on the site of a fortress destroyed and was completed in 1494. It was built in a flamboyant Gothic style, it alternates layers of bricks and stones with a magnificient stone staircase. The Chapel remains the “gem” of the Château and is the only place where one can find stained glass windows, wall paintings and statues which characterize the First Norman Renaissance.

The Graville abbey

The Graville abbey– Considered to be a masterpiece of the Romanesque art in Normandy, Graville abbey underwent several periods of construction since the eleventh century. Guillaume Malet de Graville, who was victorious during the Hastings battle alongside William the Conqueror, as well as his descendants, invested their fortune in preserving the riches of this monument. It became a museum en 1926.